Our people

Board of Directors

Yosef Weiss – Chairman

מר וייס2

Yosef Weiss is the founder of ‘Olami’ Travel, the Chairperson of the Israel Association of Travel Agencies, and the Honorary Consul of Hungary in Israel.

Dr. Zvi Feine

צבי פיין

Dr. Zvi Feine served as deputy director of JDC Israel for thirty years where he initiated services and meaningful partnerships to develop personnel in the fields of welfare, education, and health services, and to work in the community, with the elderly, at-risk youth, and others.

He was also responsible for welfare, health, Jewish education, and leadership development programs in Jewish communities in Europe and North Africa and lectured in social work at Hebrew University.

Rabbi David Rosen

דוד רוזן

Rabbi David Rosen is the former Chief Rabbi of Ireland and currently the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC) International Director of Interreligious Affairs. Rabbi Rosen is a member of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel’s Commission for Interreligious Relations and serves on the board of directors of the KAICIID

interfaith organization established by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. President of ‘Religions for Peace’, he serves in honorary roles in many other interfaith organizations, and has received numerous awards and decorations for his endeavors in the field of interfaith relations, including two knighthoods from the Pope and Queen Elizabeth II.

Esti Kirmaier Bekele

אסתי קר

Esti holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and education and a master’s degree in law.
Esti manages the Ramot Alon Community Center in Jerusalem.
She has 20 years’ experience in management roles in the public and non-profit sectors and is a social activist at heart.
“Do not withhold good from one who deserves it when you have the power to do so” (Proverbs 3:27).   

Yosefa Drescher

יוספה דרשר

Yosefa is the founder and director of the ‘Masa Chai’ NGO for the promotion of Judaism, Community and Tolerance in Israel.
She holds a master’s degree in business management and graduated with a diploma in Beit Midrash moderation and CBT in Nature.
She worked previously as a photojournalist in Israel and the US.

Shmuel Berkowitz

Shmuel Berkowitz

Shmuel Berkowitz has served in various management roles in the Be’er Tuvia Regional Council where he lives, and as director of finances of the Moshavim Movement.

Shmuel was one of the founders of the Achva Academic College and served for many years as chairperson of the college’s board of directors.

He also served as chairperson of the ‘Nir Shitufi’ Agriculture Workers Union and as chairperson of CAL Cargo

Moshe Saville

Moshe Saville

Moshe Saville is the Deputy Director of the ADI network that provides care for disabled people.

Previously he served as the acting Head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council. Moshe is married and has five children.

Rabbi Eran Daum

ערן דאום

Rabbi Eran Daum is the rabbi of the Shimshoni community in Modi’in, a doctoral student in education at Hebrew University, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the IDF reserves.

He lectures in education and Jewish studies at numerous colleges and seminaries and furthers the professional development of high school teachers.

The Sapir center Team

Dr. Hagit Hacohen Wolf – CEO.

חגית הכהן וולף

Dr. Hacohen Wolf is a social-organizational psychologist and holds academic degrees in psychology, contemporary Jewish studies, and education.

For the last three decades, Dr. Hacohen Wolf has engaged in research, evaluation, academic teaching, and management and consultancy in fields of social/collective identity, Jewish identity and Jewish renewal in Israel and abroad, Jewish education, spirituality and religion, intercultural and interfaith encounters, leadership development, immigrant absorption, development and training of managers and workers, and community development.

Noa Feller – Projects Coordinator

נעה פלר

Noa is an organizational consultant and experienced in managing organizations and projects. She has also advised local authorities and social and educational institutions, focusing on the civic sector, primarily in the fields of Jewish-Israeli education.

Noa holds a master’s degree in climate and environment studies, directed the Association for Spiritual Care in Israel, and works as a holistic therapist.

Hagit Bartuv – Website Manager.

חגית ב

Hagit has been working for many years in the field of Israeli Judaism, as programs director, facilitator, and a writer. Among others, Hagit founded and directed the ‘Midreshet’ website of Israeli Batei Midrash, directed programs for youth, women, Russian speakers, Jews in the Diaspora, and various community programs. Hagit participated as a writer in the ‘929’ project and holds a master’s degree from the Institute of Contemporary Judaism at Hebrew University.

Oshrat Shapiro Ringel – Administrative manager

אושרת שפירא רינגל

Oshrat holds a bachelor’s degree in social science and a master’s degree in Jewish studies and educational management. She worked for many years as a projects’ coordinator at the Center for Ethics in Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem.
Oshrat works today as a civics teacher at a high school for at-risk youth and, simultaneously, as an administrative manager at the Sapir Center.

Danny Nisani – Maintenance and Logistics Director/Manager.


Danny has worked at the Sapir Center since 1997.