Operational Strategies​

The Sapir Center’s unique contribution to the development of the field of Israeli Judaism is expressed by its systemic and strategic vision and in the strengthening of professional and organizational infrastructures via the following operational strategies:

Development of Jewish-Israeli Community Models

We strive to develop models of Jewish-Israeli communities. Development of the models is based on the experience accumulated in this field and from the projects in which we are involved. This enables to replicate success stories, to limit mistakes, and to apply the knowledge in new and wider circles.

Development of Community entrepreneurship

Together with other organizations operating in this area, we lead community initiatives, most of which are developed in incubators for Jewish-Israeli community entrepreneurship. The initiatives, which are scattered throughout Israel, grow from within the communities and nurture them, expand the team of activists in the Jewish-Israeli culture, and can be replicated and implemented in additional communities and organizations.

Collaborations and Pooling Resources

Most of the field of Israeli Judaism is made up of relatively small organizations. Collaborations between them can help organizations with similar goals achieve their objectives. We are promoting collaborations between organizations operating in the field and funding entities and entrepreneurs and leaders of conferences and panels on relevant subjects.

Research and Mapping

We strive to strengthen the area of Jewish-Israeli culture by mapping the existing situation and the potential for relevant activity in this field, and via instigation of a research infrastructure and research accompaniment of actual implementation. Research knowledge constitutes a vital infrastructure for the field’s continued development, direction of community and cultural activity, an accurate picture of the diverse activity in the field, and increased precision of optimal work practices.