Expanding the Discussion - Russian-Israeli Jewishness

The large influx of immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union has changed numerous aspects of Israeli society. More than 1 million immigrants have arrived in Israel in the last 3 decades, bringing with them unique Jewish culture, traditions, and a range of diverse identity-related issues.

An examination of this phenomenon reveals a need to develop unique work methods that will allow Russian speakers in Israel express their rich culture while maintaining a dialogue with Jewish-Israeli culture. . We seek to encourage the various Russian speaking communities in Israel to develop projects and programs tailored to their needs and characteristics.

The field aims to transform the Russian-speaking community in Israel from a “transparent” community into a significant and visible part of Israeli Judaism, and to accord them a fitting place within the State of Israel’s cultural-social fabric while adding its own flavors and traditions.

פרסום סדרת ההרצאות לדוברי רוסית

‘Izoom’ – Lectures on Israeli-Jewish Culture for Russian Speakers

A series of lectures in Russian on Israeli-Jewish culture. The project was initiated during the COVID crisis.

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Development of Community entrepreneurship
1פנים חדשות

‘New Faces’ – Israeli Judaism and Russian Speakers

A conference addressing the various issues associated with Israeli-Jewish identity of Russian speakers in Israel.

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Collaborations and Pooling Resources
Russian Roulette

Jewish-Israeli Russian Roulette

The Sapir Center initiated a panel discussion at the Hakhel Festival held on Sukkot 2018 that addressed the possible connections between the field of Israeli Judaism and the Russian speaking population in Israel.

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Collaborations and Pooling Resources
Round Table

“Russian-Israeli Judaism” Round Table

A collaboration between Israeli Judaism organizations and those of the Russian speaking community aimed at strengthening the connection/bond between the two groups.

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Collaborations and Pooling Resources