Together with PANIM – Israeli Judaism network, the Sapir Center founded a ‘Russian-Israeli Jewishness” round table that focuses on expanding the involvement of Israeli-Judaism organizations among Russian speaking Israelis and broadening the Russian speakers’ involvement in the world of Israeli Judaism.
The participants in the round table also include some other organizations that target Russian speakers, and which do not necessarily belong to the field of Israeli Judaism. <br> The round table is the culmination of a process led at the Sapir Center by the think tank on Russian speakers in Israel.

The Goals of the Round Table:

  1. To aid the connection between Israel’s Russian speaking community, and organizations active in the field of Israeli Judaism by facilitating mutual familiarity between the two groups.
  2. To map the needs of different groups of Russian speakers and to develop work methods for projects intended for these groups.
  3. To expand circles of discussion and activity.
  4. To create inter-organizational connections and collaborations.
  5. To pool resources for activities.
  6. To obtain government resources, to establish a Knesset lobby, and more.

The members of the round table were partners in building and leading the ‘New Faces’ conference that addressed the different questions related to the connection between the world of Israeli Judaism organizations and the Russian speakers.