HAMANBETA – Accelerator is the result of collaboration between the Sapir Center and ‘Ayanot’ – Israeli Judaism in the Golan,that joined forces to set up an accelerator for community entrepreneurship in the towns and agricultural settlements on the Golan Heights. The accelerator is intended to expand the circle of settlements and activists engaged in fields of Israeli Judaism, and to strengthen the communities and the activists operating there. The program is run in conjunction with the local authority, the Youth Center and community directors.

The program’s participants come from very different backgrounds, from the towns and agricultural settlements on the Golan Heights (both religious and secular), and from a wide range of ages, all resulting in a diverse and fascinating experience.

In a series of 11 four-hour meetings, the Accelerator participants delve into three fields of content: Jewish- Israeli culture, entrepreneurship, and community, and the combination of the three.

During the program, the participants are required to develop a community initiative (from ideation to implementation), that is based on a community need and is developed together with the assistance of a local mentor.


  • Strengthening ‘Ayanot’s’ connection with the towns and agricultural settlements on the Golan and encouraging them to engage in new Israeli-Jewish content.
  • Creating an evolving Jewish-Israeli language on the Golan.
  • Developing a ‘motor’ to create local community activity.
  • Connecting further residents to circles of study and activity in the field of Jewish -Israeli content.
  • Creating peer groups to develop Jewish -Israeli culture for communities.

Target Audience

  1. Community activists with the ability to initiate and lead community processes, with preference for young people and two community representatives.
  2. Communities on the Golan Heights

Expected Results

Initiatives to be realized in at least two Golan communities and that will connect a community event to Jewish – Israeli content while harnessing the community and its leadership to the initiative.