The Sapir Center organized a panel at the Hakhel festival on Sukkot 2018 addressing the existing and necessary connections between Israeli society and Diaspora Jewry.

The panel took place against the background of the rift (that still exists today) between Diaspora Jewry and Israeli society that stems from the differences in Jewish and political perceptions, and from the lack of real and honest dialogue between the two large groups of the Jewish People – in Israel and the US.

Are Israeli Jews familiar with world Jewry? Do Jews in the Diaspora know about Israel and Israelis? Are familiarity and the relations between them important? Who for? To what end? Is there a chance to create significant connections between the two groups? What can we learn from American Jewry and what can they learn from Israeli Jews? And how can we reduce the fear and anger between the two?

The panel was led by Prof. Aviad HaCohen (President of the “Sha’arei Mishpat” Academic Center)

Mr. Yitzhak ‘Bougie’ Herzog – Chairman of the Jewish Agency
Rabbi Na’ama Kalman (Dean of HUC Jerusalem)
Dr. Zohar Raviv – (International Vice President of Taglit Birthright Israel)